Kayak Trip Reports

In canoe and kayak cultures it's popular to provide other paddlers with reports of your trips to share the excitement, hilarity or embarrassment as the case may be. The family that paddles together stays together (and has less chance of drowning) so the main characters in these trips are the Semanchuk brothers Philip, John, and Steve and Steve's wife Liz.

For some reason we didn't manage to get our boats wet in 2001, so there's no trips for that year.

The [map] link beside each title leads to an area map produced by the U.S. federal or state government. IANAL, but I believe this means that they're in the public domain and can be reproduced with impunity.

 The first impression given was that I had engaged in this rowing enterprise under the stimulus of a bet...Upon learning that there was neither a bet nor money in it, a shade of disappointment and incredulity rested upon the features of the bystanders, and the canoeist was often rated as a "blockhead" for risking his life without being paid for it.
from Voyage of the Paper Canoe by Nathaniel H. Bishop, published 1878.