1852 House Owners in Wola Piotrowa

This is a list (believed to be complete) of house owners in Wola Piotrowa, Austria (now Poland) taken from a tax document dated 1 May, 1852. Dziękuje bardzo to Jurek Ćwiąkała for sharing this information with us.

The original document is in German and although the names are very clear, some of the other information is not. A native German speaker (thank you to Hans H.) was unable to read all of what's here. If you can do better, please let me know.

The topmost heading on the originals are Der Hausbesitzer (the House Owners). Below that there's a second row of column headings which are:

  1. House number
  2. Name
  3. ??? We couldn't read this heading nor any of the data in the column
  4. Town of residency of the home owner (Wohnort)
  5. Remarks (Anmerkung) which we were unable to translate

The table below is a simplified version of the original. If there's additional information to be gleaned from the originals, I've mentioned it in the Notes column below. The originals are available here:

House Number Owner Notes
1a Selimka, Tymko  
1b Kaladyk, Paul Additional text in 3rd column
2 Chrobaczek, Michał Additional word near name
3   This house is empty (leer in German)
4 Sćieranka, Peter  
5 Ilciów, Hryć Additional word near name
6 Stefura, Iwan Additional word near name
7 Mega, Hryć Additional word near name
8 Sałak, Lukasz  
9 Borys, Fedko  
10 Chrząszcz, Jan  
11 Hawryło, Michał Additional word near name
12 Hawryło, Jacko  
13 Pisik, Jacko Additional word near name
14 Białoruski, Iwan  
15 Łabant, Michał  
16 Łabant, Iwan  
17 Łabant, Sawka  
18 Sćieranka, Michał  
19 Sćieranka, Salka  
20 Rusieńczak, Matwiy  
21 Pituch, Stefan  
22 Romanski, Michał  
23 Sćieranka, Iwan  
24 Duduś, Matiej  
25 Labant, Matwiy Additional word near name, text in Remarks column
26 Sadowski, Danko  
27 Bawolak, Jacko  
28 Kolecki, Anton  
29 Stefura, Andreas Additional word near name
30 Gymak, Andreas  
31   This house is empty (leer in German)
32 Sćieranka, Iwan  
33 Sćieranka, Wasko  
34 Pituch, Danko  
35 Chrząszcz, Jan Text in Remarks column
36 Mielnik, Iwan  
37 Plebania, Rillus Gaei Text in 3rd column. Lives in Karlików
38 Sałak, Roman  
39 Labant, Iwan  
40 Sałak, Feśko  
41 Sałak, Semko  
42 Wołczek, Semko  
43   This house is empty (leer in German)
44 Czorneńki, Andreas  
45 Czornenki, Iwan  
46 Ostafiy, Łeszko  
47 Król, Tymko Additional word near name
48 Demian, Iwan  
49 Król, Iwan  
50 Gniewosz, Lucye Lives in Nowosielce. Text in 3rd column and Remarks column
51 Pituch, Iwan Text in Remarks column
52 Walecki, Tymko Text in 3rd column
53 Herschko, Pelz?  
55 Gniewosz, Lucye Lines 54 and 55 are reversed. See original.
54 ditto See original


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