A Transcription of St. George's cemetery in Minersville, PA

There are transcriptions of other Minersville cemeteries on this site.

St. George's on Kear's Hill on Spruce Street in Minersville was the first Eastern Rite Catholic church in Minersville. The church itself has long been abandoned and unfortunately, so has its cemetery.

In November of 2005 my girlfriend and I followed Dave Pukas into the abandoned cemetery to see what we could find in the way of grave stones. The short answer is: not much. Aside from the foolishness of doing this in autumn when the weather was cold and leaves were thick on the ground, we were also about fifty years too late. The cemetery has collected a fair amount of rubbish over the years (tires, broken window panes, etc.) and most of the stones have fallen over. We even noticed one stone that had been used as part of the rock wall that channels a creek that flows through the cemetery. Worst of all, a parking lot was built atop the steep slope that the cemetery is on, and over the years a lot of the gravel from the parking lot has washed over the hillside below.

It's hard to say what you might find if you could scrape away the years of accumulated leaves, soil, debris, and neglect from the area. As it was, we did not have such magical luxuries and we had to make do with what we could pry out of the ground with our fingers in the fading daylight. For that reason, our transcription was certainly incomplete.

In 2015, Rob Wanenchak and Tiffiny Kallina visited the cemetery and were able to add three new names to our transcription, and also correct some mistakes we had made. Tiffiny's photos of St. George's are online.

This is version 1.1 of this data.

  Name Born Died Relationship Alternate Name Spellings Footnotes
1 Пішко, ?аріяа (Pishko, Maria) 1884-5-29 1917-6?-20     The date of death is a single digit, probably a 6, 3, or 8.
2 Pelensky, Mychail   1914-10-9      
2 Oleksa, Andrej          
3 Chwastiak, Michael 1884 1915      
4 Бардом, Симеона (Bardom, Simeona)     Father Bardun  
4 Бардом, Ма?далиньі (Bardom, Magdalena)     Mother Bardun  
4 Бардом, Мнжаил (Bardom, Michael) 1900?-10-20 1909-11-30 Child Bardun Birth year is either 1900 or 1906
4 Бардом, Васили (Bardom, Wasyl) 1904-02-19? 1909-04-28 Child Bardun  
4 Бардом, Юліа (Bardom, Julia) 1909-11-14 1909-12-26 Child Bardun  
5 Posolinsky, George 1875-3-27 1909-4-28      
6 Прибила??, Параскевіа (Pribida??, Paraskevia) 1908-5-10 1909-5-9     This stone is in rough shape and I'm not sure of the surname.
7 Ceriban, Paul   1911-7-18     Age 20. CERBIAN is on the headstone and on the base.
8 Gres, Marianna 1909-8-29 1909-12-23      
9 Krajnick, Stefan   1912-3-3      
10 Kaczmar, Yevka 1898 1918-10      
11 Semen Micio 1880 April 6, 1909 Father    
12 Michael Sinco   November 1, 1906     Age 18
13 Stephan Kirik February 18, 1889 June 11, 1909   Kiryk  


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