1939 Galizien Deutsche Settlement

This is a map of Galizien Deutsche settlement circa the year 1939. This beautiful, one-of-a-kind map was drawn by Rudolf Unterschütz and is available here for free thanks to his generosity. You're welcome to print and copy this map as long as you do so for private (non-commercial) use only. It was originally published in Heimat Galizien (Band I) written by Hilfskomitee der Geliziendeutschen and published in 1965.

There is also a free index to the Unterschütz map. The index was compiled by Dave Gorz and is an invaluable aid to finding villages.

About the Map and Your Computer - Read Before Clicking!

This map is pretty big, bigger than most files you download off of the Internet. It is about seven or eight times bigger than your screen (8739 x 5328 pixels). It is really meant to be printed; on paper it will be about 55.5 x 33.6 cm (21.9 x 13.3 inches).

If you want to download the map for printing, right click on the image below and select "Save Link Target As". Otherwise, click on the image below to display the full-size map on your screen.

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Printing the Map

For the impatient: burn the file onto a CD and take it to Kinko's. They may even be able to download it off the Internet for you.

For the patient: Your printer at home will only be able to print sections of the map unless you have a $5000 Linotronic Imagestter in your spare bedroom. I have had the map printed for as little as $4 at my local print/copy shop. It is very important to tell the print shop to print the map at 100% magnification -- do not scale the map. I will say it again -- do not scale. If you scale the map to, say, 90% magnification, you will lose some detail; the map will look fuzzy. Print shops typically ask how big you want the printout to be. The best answer is "whatever 100% magnification produces".