Here, in a lengthy nutshell, is what I know about the Hackimers starting from the most recent generations working backwards in time. I can roughly divide them into those that came to the USA and those who stayed in Europe.


None of the Hackimers that I'm descended from were born in the USA, they emigrated here. My mother's mother was Mary Hackimer born 1902 in Austria-Hungary (15), probably Neudorf (6) (maybe Neudorf-by-Drohobycz).

Mary's parents were Valentine (Walenty) Hackimer (6, 9, 12) and Christina Petry (9, 10, 12). I believe that Mary had two siblings but she was the only one to survive childhood (13).

Thanks to an email from my cousin Ron Hackimer, I learned that Valentine came to the USA in May 1903 via Philadelphia on the S.S. Haverford. He was accompanied by Johann Hackimer. Valentine's occupation is given as shoemaker, age 27 (b. 12 Oct 1875, Dolina, Poland), nationality is Austrian, race is Polish. (14) [Note: I assume Ron is quoting the source record directly. Poland didn't exist in 1875 so giving Valentine's birthplace as Poland is a little strange. I also can't understand why Valentine's race is given as Polish. I think he was ethnically Galizien Deutsche, not Polish. But he probably spoke some Polish which may have led to some confusion. And who knows, maybe he was part Polish.] Ron's email continued, "There were four brothers, Valentin, Franz (Frank, my grandfather), Johann, and the youngest, Josef. I'm still doing research on whether there was a sister." I don't know where he got this information on the brothers from. In another email he says, "Also trying to find married name of Anna Hackimer, born 21 Feb 09". I don't know where he came up with Anna's name or existence. Valentine also worked as a machinist (12, 13).

Valentine's wife Christine Hackimer (nee Petry) and their daughter Mary (my grandmother) emigrated to the USA via Ellis Island in April 1905. They are listed under the name Hakimer. Christine's age: 28, Mary's age: 2, nationality: Austrian, race: German. Their last residence is given as Neudorf (6). We're 95% sure of the word "Neudorf" but the handwriting is hard to read. These are the only Hackimers (Hackamers, Hakemers, etc.) that I've been able to find in the Ellis Island database.

I don't know when or where Valentine died, although it was almost certainly in Pennsylvania. Christine died 31 Dec 1924 at age 49 (10) and is buried in St. John's cemetery in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (7) not far from Philadelphia. Valentine's brother John (Johann) Hackimer (b. 4 Mar 1885 in Poland) died at age 49 in 1934 in Philadelphia. His wife's name was Elizabeth(10) Edward Hackimer signed the death certificate; maybe this was their son? Valentine's brother Josef Hackimer (b. 3 Mar 1887 in Austria) died 8 Nov 1954 age 67 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His wife's name was not given. (10) Frank A. Hackimer signed the death certificate; maybe this was their son?


My grandfather Valentine's parents were Josef Hakimer and Elizabeth Wolf(e) (10). I don't know when or where they were born, but given that Valentine was born in 1875, Josef and Elizabeth were probably born between 1845 and 1863.

I don't know who Josef or Elizabeth's parents were. However, I have a number of records of Galizien Deutsche Hackimers in and around Brigidau and Bolechów, including the family who may be the sole origin of the Hackimer name in Galizien. I assume all of these Hackimers (including mine) come from the same family but I haven't found records to connect them yet. Furthermore, it seems like several Hackimer siblings emigrated from Partenheim/Rheinland-Pfalz but not all of them had children.

Ortsfamilienbücher Records

The following records come from the meticulous ortsfamilienbücher assembled from various sources by the Hilfscommittee.

In Neudorf-by-Drohobych, Anna Magdalena Hackemer married Georg Christoph Klein; she died 22.01.1774 in Vendersheim/Rheinland-Pfalz. Georg moved to Neudorf-by-Drohobych ~1783. Only one of their children survived; Johannes Klein died 1812 in Neudorf. (17). When I visited Neudorf-by-Drohobych and Bolechowce (just across the river) in 2003, we asked a couple of the old people in town if they recognized the name Hackimer. None did.

In Brigidau, Philipp Hakemer (b. 1723 in Partenheim/Rheinland-Pfalz) married Charlotta ???. They had one son named Valentin b. 1771 in Partenheim/Rheinland-Pfalz, d. 1815 in Stryj (18). He is the Valentin of Bolechów mentioned immediately below. This book gives Hackemer and Hackmer as alternate spellings of Hakemer.

In Bolechów, Valentin Hakemer (see previous paragraph) b. 1771 in Partenheim d. 1815 in Stryj. Married Maria Magdalena Binguly. Had several children of whom only Valentin (b. 1796 Brigidau, d. 1848 Woloska Weis) and Johann Heinrich (b. 1807 Raylow, d. 1844 Woloska Weis) survived to childbearing age. (19) This book gives Hackemer, Hackheimer and Hackmer as alternate spellings of Hakemer.

Valentin and Maria's son Valentin married Maria Anna Schatt; they had one son who died at birth. (19)

Valentin and Maria's son Johann Heinrich married Philippina Launhardt (= Leonhard, Launhard, Launhart); all five of their children (Anna Katharina, Friederika, Johann Christian, Maria, Johann) died by age two. (19) However, I have other records which contradict this -- see below.

Other Records

A fellow genealogist who I think claimed to have used the same sources as the ortsfamilienbücher told me that Johann Heinrich and Philippina Launhardt had seven children (Anna, Friederika, Maria, Petronella, Johann and two unnamed) and that Friederika had an illegitimate son named Johann Christian.

I have a third set of records that says that Johann Heinrich and Philippina had a son named Peter. I exchanged email with a Hackemer family in Chicago and they are descended from Galizien Hackimers. Here's what their email said:

We do originate from Bolochow, but I know there were also relatives in 
Brigadau. Our ancestors were all Protestant. That sets them apart from most of the 
inhabitants of that area. Also, some Hackemers emigrated right after the 
first world war to Canada. Here in the United States I came in contact with a 
Hackemer of German origin in 1953. He was an older gentleman at that time, 
working in the office of the natural gas company in Chicago. 

Following are dates we have from our family.
My dad --   Heinrich Hackemer       b. 4-18-1911, d. 8-18-1987
            married Wilhelmine Baisch 2-19-1939
                b. 3-27-1915, d. 12-3-1979

                son of
                Heinrich Hackemer    b. 5-1-1868, lost in1944 fleeing from Russians
                married Phillipina Bierl 1-4-1891
                    b. 10-1-1865, d. 7-13-1938

                son of 
                Peter Hackemer      b. 1-19-1837, d. 2-4-1888
                married Maria Elizabeth Weber  2-17-1863
                    b. 8-17-1843, d. ?

                son of 
                Heinrich Hackemer
                married Phillipina Lannhart

The author of this email (who never gave me his or her first name!) went on to say "All the information we have was taken from old documents that Horst's mother carried with her as she had to move to different parts of Germany during and after the war. She was very conscious of having as much documentation as possible for her family since so many records were lost/unavailable, etc."

Courtesy of an EWZ card forwarded to me by Angela Fabian, I have a record of a Siegfried Hackemer born 11 Nov 1933 in Bolechów. Siegfried was the son of Johann Hackmer (who was a carpenter in Woloska Wies) and Maria Schienbein. Johann's parents were the aforementioned Heinrich Hackemer and Phillipina Bierl (Birl). Angela has other records that indicate that Heinrich was born in Woloska Wies and that Philippina was born in Niniow Dolny and died in Bolechów.

Last but not least, I have two more Hackimer references that I haven't connected to anything yet.

While travelling in Ukraine in June 2003 a woman who was nee Hackimer. She gave me information on her father(?) Josef Hackimer born in Bolechow or Brigidau 1876 d. 1948 Niniow. He married Eva Wolf who died 1918 at age 40. This could not have been the Josef Hackimer that was a brother of my grandfather Valentine even though the birth year is plausible. Valentine's brother Josef died in Pittsburgh (10).

From an EWZ card courtesy of Angela Fabian, I have an Emil Hackemer b 14 May 1884 in Bolechów. Parents were Eduart b 1847 in Belchatow and Johanna b. 1861 in Belchatow. Children: Helene b. 11 Oct? 1912 in Stryj and Eduard b 13 Mar 1926 Stryj.