The WZBR Book - Copying The Data

You can get a copy of the entire WZBR database from this page. Please note that it is © 2004 - 2009 Philip Semanchuk under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. The license is short and easy to read; please have a look at it if you want to share this data with anyone else. The data is available as a tarball of CSV files, a PKZIPped package of CSV files and a a SQLite database. You're welcome to share these files with others, but you have to provide the whole package. You're not allowed to send just the births file, for example, or the data files without the readme.

This data was last updated on 24 November, 2004.

Tarball and PKZIP Contents

Inside you'll find four files: births.csv, marriages.csv, deaths.csv, and ReadMe.txt. The first three files are Comma Separated Value files which are explained below. Readme.txt explains where the files are from and contains a copy of the license.

CSV files are easy to import into spreadsheet and word processing programs. For instance, importing these files into OpenOffice Calc is as simple as opening the file and checking the "separated by tab" option. The software you use might want to know that the fields (columns) are separated (delimited) by tabs (\t) and the lines (rows) are separated (delimited) by newlines (\n). If the information looks like gibberish and you're using old software to read these files, it is possible that the program doesn't understand that these are Unicode (UTF-8) files. Time to upgrade!

The column headings are not contained in the CSV files. They are as follows.