The WZBR Book - Wolica, Zboiska, Bełchówka and Ratnawica

WZBR stands for Wolica, Zboiska, Bełchówka and Ratnawica. These are the four villages represented in the 1867 – 1884 records for the Greek Catholic parish of Wolica. Those records – 586 births, 127 marriages and 372 deaths – are transcribed here.

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Last but not least, there's a FAQ.

Browsing versus Searching

Browsing the records will take some time, but I recommend it. A computer search won't recognize that "Semamczyk" should probably be "Semanczyk", but your eyes will.

How likely are misspelled names? Keep in mind that names were not always spelled consistently. (My grandfather is in the database as Hreorij, Gregorii, Hrehorius and Hryc.) And our transcription certainly introduced errors.

House number searches are relatively safe because house numbers are usually easy to read and exhibit no spelling variation.