Photo Gallery

A photo of me in a mirror

These are leftover photos that I like.


A photo of a street musician in Prague Castle.
A street musician playing the violin in front of a graffiti-ed door as viewed through an arrowslit in the wall of Prague Castle.


A photo of the 1999 solar eclipse as seen in Cambridge, England
A fuzzy view of the near-total solar eclipse that happened when I was in Cambridge. Since I couldn't look directly at the sun to aim the camera, I pointed it in the right direction and hoped. This was the best of the bunch.


The door of a ruined church in Nagorzany, Poland
The door of the ruined church in Nagorzany. "1861" is carved into the wood of the doorframe.


A photo of roof repair in the Tatras mountains
Roof repair in the Tatras mountains.


A photo of one of the carvings on the warship Vasa
One of many carved decorations on the warship Vasa.


A photo of a wooden ship under construction in Stockholm
A wooden ship under construction in Stockholm.


Auschwitz and Birkenau

Auschwitz is fascinating, informative, overwhelming and more. But it is beyond my skill to express this with the camera because a lot of what is interesting there is indoors and I'm a pretty mediocre indoor photographer. Birkenau's big, open spaces more readily suggest the enormity of the drama that took place there. But the last one in this set was taken in an Auschwitz museum and I think if you look at it on a symbolic level rather than a literal one (which most of these photos are), you'll find it more interesting.

A photo of a row of barracks in Birkenau
A row of barracks at the Birkenau Death Camp. The sheer size of the place is the most horrifying aspect of it.


A photo of the inside of one of the barracks in Birkenau
Those who were not immediately gassed upon arrival slept in these barracks. Only straw covered the wood, and the only heat was provided by small fireplaces in the brickwork you see running down the center.


A photo of a chimneys in Birkenau


A photo of a stairwell inside an Auschwitz museum
Of all the photos I took, this one is my favorite.