1852 Cadastral Maps of Wola Piotrowa

Available here are six connected maps of Wola Piotrowa in 1852 that one can print and assemble into a single large map which shows most of the village. The Austrian government created these cadastral maps (see a dictionary definition of cadastral) but unlike most government documents, they're beautifully drawn and colored by hand. Dziękuje bardzo to Jurek Ćwiąkała for sharing these maps with us.

The numbers on these maps are not house numbers, they're lot numbers. Elsewhere on this site you can find partial lists of lot owners for 1852 and 1879. I don't know of a source for the complete list other than the archive in Przemyśl.

Also in Przemyśl are sections II and IV of this map. They didn't get scanned as part of this series. (Scanning costs money, and Jurek paid for this out of his own pocket.) Despite this, most of the village is shown in the maps below.

The maps are scanned at very fine detail which means the high quality map files are extremely big.

  Low Quality High Quality
Map I 213K 22M
Map III 433K 29M
Map V-a 36K 2.9M
Map V 313K 26M
Map VI 381K 25M
Map VII 252K 23M

About Printing

You can print these on your home printer but you'll use a lot of ink and might not find the result very satisfying. I recommend that you take the high-quality map files to your local print shop and ask them to print the maps for you. You might want to print this page and bring it along with you.

Printed at 600dpi (very good quality), each sheet will be about 20" x 16.5" (50 x 41cm). You can also print them on a letter-sized sheet of paper, but you'll need a magnifying glass to read the result. The best size to use depends on your budget, what your print shop can provide and what you plan to do with the maps.

Connecting the Maps

Once you have printed the individual maps, the diagram below shows how to arrange them.

Click on the image for a larger version.


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