1852 and 1879 Lot Owners in Wola Piotrowa

Available here are two very incomplete portions of the lists of lot owners related to the Wola Piotrowa cadastral maps also available on this site. In their complete form, the lists show who owned each lot in the village. Dziękuje bardzo to Jurek Ćwiąkała for sharing the lists and maps with us.

Lists from two different years are represented here. There are two pages (25 and 27) from the 1852 list (which was made in the same year as the cadastral maps). There are ten pages (21, 22, 27, 41, 42, 54, 58, 79, 93 and 94, each with two sections) from the 1879 list. Although this list was created 27 years after the cadastral maps on this site, I doubt that the lot numbers changed much (if at all) between 1852 and 1879.

Two Pages from the 1852 List

There's not much of interest here unless you're researching the Sćieranka surname. There are four Sćierankas listed here along with their house numbers and the numbers of the lots that they own. The "B.P." in red is the building plot number.

Ten Pages from the 1879 List

There's significantly more rows and columns on these pages compared to the 1852 list. Links to the pages themselves are just below and translations of the column headings follow. (Thanks to Roman for the translation.)

Column Headings

1. Liczba porządkowa = Sequence Number
2. Ner. karty mapy = Map Number
3. Nazwa niwy lub jej Ner. = Name of field (tract) or its Number
4. Liczba parceli = Parcel Number
5. Ner. domu = House Number
6. Liczba współposiadaczy = Number of co-owners
7. Imię i nazwisko = Name and Surname
8. Miejsce zamieszkania = Residence location
9. Odwołanie się do numerów porządkowych wykazu zmian przyszłej
ewidencyi = Appeal based on changes in status

Rodzaj uprawy podług wyniku = Type of land use according to results of
	10. Pomiaru = measuring
	11. klasowania = Classification
12. Klasa = Class

Gruntów ulegających podatkowi = Land subject to taxation

13. Objętość powierzchni = surface area
	a. w morgach n.a. = in morgs
	b. w sążniach "kwadratowych" = in square fathoms !!
	c. hektar = in hectare (10,000 sq meters  = 2.5 acres)
	d. Ar = Are (1 hectare = 100 are)
	e. "kwadratowych" Meter = Square Meters

14. dochód czysty = Net revenue
	a. zl. = złoty
	b. ctw. = ??

Objętość powierzchni gruntów od podatku uwolnionych = Surface area of
grounds free of tax

15. Grunta pod budowlami i podwórza = built-up and courtyard grounds

16. Inne = Other

17. Uwaga = Attention, Caution


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